A Visit to Hoboken Coffee

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Some of best coffee I’ve ever had is roasted in an old garage in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Hoboken Coffee is my favorite coffeeshop. Located off S Division Street in downtown Guthrie, the whole joint radiates warmth and friendliness. Husband and wife, Trey and Mallory Woods, built Hoboken out of a vacant auto shop with their own four hands. They sold their car to buy an espresso machine after a year in the coffee culture of Oregon. Then, Trey and Mallory rode 2,200 miles back to OKC to found their dream.

That order of personal care and attention to detail carries through to each cup.

A beautiful, minimalist mural of a coffee plant dominates the western wall, and the large bay windows let in copious sunlight.

A record player wired to speakers on the ceiling, combined with an impressive vinyl collection, provides the ambiance.

Everything on their straightforward menu is perfectly crafted, made with care from green bean to final cup. It’s also all quite a bit cheaper that it would be in the city, only $3.25 for bottomless drip coffee.

The homemade pastries are also absolutely lovely.

Since the last time I’ve visited, they’ve moved their roastery to the back of the shop and filled the empty space with additional seating. For such a small, intimate space, you’d likely never have trouble finding a spot.

Hoboken feels secluded. I used to make a regular pilgrimage up here during finals season to hind away from anyone I might know, camping out for hours with my textbooks and countless cups of fresh coffee.

Just, trust me. It’s worth the drive.

Happy sippin’.

Samuel Morstain

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