The Simple Complexities of Flight

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

My friend James is working towards his commercial pilot’s license. he took me up with him Sunday afternoon on a flight out of Sundance Airport in Yukon. I haven’t been in a plane at all in the last ten years, and this was my first time in something as small as a Cherokee.

I at first found the feeling of suspension unnerving. But James did an excellent job of making the entire process seem routine and mundane.

He said he thinks of flying as a checklist of “simple complexities.” There are hundreds of interrelated systems and mechanisms, and a whole world of physics and engineering to learn. But after that it becomes like riding a bike. Smooth and natural, relaxed. Everything going perfectly to plan.

If you get on NW Expressway headed diagonally west away from the city, and you just keep going, very quickly you’ll find yourself surrounded by prairie and fields. The flat patchwork stretches out hundreds of miles to the horizon.

The feeling I got this afternoon was of an easy escape. Recently I’ve been feeling cooped up in my routine out here in the suburbs. It can be such a simple thing to just get out and go away. Obviously, it’s easier if you have access to a private plane that you can take any direction you like. 3D movement blows our normal car-bound 2D plane of existence out of the water. But one of my favorite things about living out here in the middle, is the generous dose of space to be found on any Sunday drive. Plenty of sky, plenty of road, plenty of room to breathe.

“Say it out loud, see how it feels.” Any path you choose. Just pick one.

Samuel Morstain

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